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April 16, 2014

International Cryogenics expands product line under third generation leadership

Cold Facts, April 2014

In 1980 International Cryogenics began designing and manufacturing custom cryogenic equipment such as beryllium filter dewars, infrared detector dewars, NMR dewars, liquid helium transfer equipment and magnet systems.

Today IC is further developing its custom product line to include aluminum and stainless steel cryostats, LN2 cold trap reservoirs, helium research dewars (also used for magnets) and helium liquefying dewars for superconducting gravity meters. The liquid helium transport storage containers are now part of IC’s standard line of products.

Transfer lines for liquid helium and nitrogen, all stainless steel, rigid or flexible, are a specialty. IC is a major supplier of transfer lines for MRI and research worldwide.

IC produces a variety of related standard products: LN2 cryobiological refrigerators, dewars, LN2 inventory racking systems and vapor shippers. These standard production products serve the agriculture, artificial insemination (beef, dairy, boar goats, horses, dogs), life science (stem cell research, embryos, blood banks), medical laboratory as well as the welding and industrial markets.

The company offers accessories, including stingers, manifolds, bayonet connections, relief valves and more. IC repairs and reconditions their own equipment as well as that of other manufacturers.

After being mentored by company founder Rex Leonard, several former employees went on to found other cryogenic companies in the Midwest. For many years IC was led by Leonard’s daughter, the late Donna Jung, and is now run by Justin Jung, her son, the third generation of the family.

With distribution in 30 countries, IC products have been at work in space as well as at facilities large and small across the globe.

Fri Jan 12 2018 11:23:17 CST